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What Size of Backdrops Should I Choose?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

luxury dark photography studio with lights and grey backdrop
What size backdrop should i choose?

Whether you're setting up a new studio or planning a mini-session at home, selecting the right backdrop size can be a crucial decision. It's essential to choose a backdrop size that perfectly fits your requirements, style, and the available space. Not only should the backdrop complement your subjects, but it should also add personality and aesthetic appeal to your sessions.

To help you determine the ideal backdrop size for your needs, here are three principles to consider:

  1. Size of Your Studio: Start by measuring the depth, width, and ceiling height of your studio. These measurements will provide essential references for choosing a backdrop size that is

both practical and visually appealing. For most common occasions, a studio with a ceiling height of 10-12 feet can accommodate full-length body shots, headshots, waist shots, and various other compositions.

  1. Size of Your Subject(s): Consider the size of your subjects and the type of sessions you'll be conducting. Determine how many people you'll be photographing, their poses, and the desired compositions. This information will help you determine the appropriate width of the backdrop. For example, for kids, headshots, and 3/4-length portraits, a minimum backdrop width of 5 feet is recommended, allowing for a total of 7 feet including the extended sides. If you're planning family or holiday sessions that require more space, a width of 10 feet is a good choice.

  2. Size Range of Backdrops: At D-vine Backdrops, we offer a range of backdrop sizes, including standard widths of 3ft, 5ft, 6.5ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 20ft. These sizes cater to different shooting requirements, from small to large setups. Additionally, we specialize in customizing backdrops to suit your specific size requirements. There is no limit to the size range we can accommodate.

Remember, it's always safer to choose a backdrop that is slightly larger than needed, as it's easier to crop an image than to digitally extend the background. Our recommended backdrop sizes for most regular sessions are 6.5ft×10ft, 8ft×10ft, and 10ft×10ft (width×height).

To further assist you in selecting the right size, we've provided a size range guide for various subjects and occasions:

  • 3ft (W) x 5ft (H) or 5ft (W) x 3ft (H): Ideal for tight headshots, newborns, kids, pets, and small products.

  • 5ft (W) x 5ft (H): Suitable for kids, headshots, and 3/4-length portraits, especially in narrow spaces or small home studios.

  • 5ft (W) x 7ft (H) or 7ft (W) x 5ft (H): Recommended for headshots and portraits that are not full-body length, accommodating 1-2 people.

  • 8ft (W) x 8ft (H) or 8.2ft (W) x 8.2ft (H): Offers more space for models to move and allows for post-editing flexibility in Photoshop.

  • 6.5ft (W) x 10ft (H) or 10ft (W) x 6.5ft (H): Suitable for single full-length body portraits and various other occasions.

  • 8ft (W) x 10ft (H) or 10ft (W) x 8ft (H): Versatile backdrop size for portraits of children, families, and accommodating 2-4 people.

  • 10ft (W) x 10ft (H): Ideal for most full-length and group portraits, commonly used in professional studios.

  • 10ft (W) x 20ft (H) or 20ft (W) x 10ft (H): Larger size options for more extensive setups.

  • Custom size: Contact us for personalized size requirements.

Remember, larger backdrops can handle the demands of smaller setups, but smaller backdrops may not be sufficient for larger shoots. Consider these size suggestions as references and choose accordingly.

We hope you know now what size of backdrops to choose :)

At D-vine Backdrops, we offer high-quality backdrops that can elevate your photography sessions. Browse our collection, select the perfect size, and capture stunning moments with confidence.


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